Uprzejmie informujemy, że od dnia 01 stycznia 2020r. obsługę strefy płatnego parkowania w Krakowie przejął Zarząd Dróg Miasta Krakowa. Tym samym wszelkie aktualne informacje dotyczące strefy, w tym numeru kontaktowe telefonów, dostępne są na stronie internetowej:


Jednocześnie przypominamy, że korespondencję dotyczącą strefy należy kierować na adres poczty elektronicznej:


lub pocztą tradycyjną na adres:

Zarząd Dróg Miasta Krakowa,
Biuro Strefy Płatnego Parkowania
ul. Reymonta 20
30-059 Kraków

Car Park Old Podgorze - It's more Convenient

"Car Park Old Podgorze"

Aboveground „Car Park Old Podgórze” is located in the oldest part of right-bank Krakow’s district Podgórze, few steps from the main trading route – Kalwaryjska Street, Podgórski Market Square with impressive Saint Joseph’s Parish Church, Lasota Hill, Planty im. Nowackiego. There is plac Bohaterów Getta not so far away, and also the oldest and the youngest crossing the Vistula river: the Józef Piłsudski’s bridge. In the vicinity of the car park there are also modern attractions of Krakow, like pedestrian and cycling footbridge of Father Laetus Bernatek or Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor „CRICOTEKA”. It takes only a short walk from the car park to Magistrate building.

The car park ensures drivers, who left their cars:

  • • 185 roofed parking places – left car isn’t exposed to impact of weather conditions
  • • 4 parking places for disabled
  • • 2 exits/entrances
  • • a lift adapted for disabled’s needs
  • • women’s and men’s toilets
  • • toilet adapted for disabled
  • • acceptance of credit cards
  • • vision monitoring
  • • parking staff help
  • • nice and profesional service 24 hours a day 7 days a week

See our car park and its location:

parking time price
The first hour 5,00 zl*
Every successive hour 5,00 zl*
Twenty-four-hour subscription
(valid for 24h after purchase)
50,00 zl*1
Weekly subscription
(allows for 7 days usage from the purchase date)
250,00 zl1
Monthly subscription
(allows for 30 days usage from the purchase date)
400,00 zl*1
200 hours subscription
(allows for 200 hours of usage -valid for 30 days from the purchase date)
250,00 zl1
Night subscription
(allows for usage from 7pm to 9am from Monday to Saturday and 24h on Sunday -valid for 30 days from the purchase date)
200,00 zl1
Exclusive parking spot reservation
(allows for exclusive usage of a designated parking spot - valid 30 days from the purchase date)
1400,00 zl1

* promotional price valid from 01/10/2020 to 31/12/2020
1 limited quantity


  • • The regulations of the car park functionality which specify the powers and responsibilities of the paid and unguarded car park’s user should be read before parking.
  • • In the case of damage or loss of the ticket, a handling fee in the amount of 30,00 złoty is added to the fee covering the vehicle’s parking time
  • • Subscription tickets are issued for a period of time specified by the type of purchased parking subscription
  • • In order to use the subscription, it is necessary to settle the fee for service before parking a vehicle
  • • The payment can be done in a parking meter situated at the car park. In order to obtain the invoice, one should inform about it the parking service.

Aboveground „Car Park Old Podgórze” has very attractive location. It is situated in the oldest part of right-bank district of Krakow, only the queen of polish rivers - Wisła (Vistula) separates it from Kazimierz district. In the immediate vicinity of the car park there are inter alia:

  • Rynek Podgórski/ Podgórski Market Square – it is the main square of Podgórze district, located in the centre of this district. It was demarcated in XVIII century on the foot of Lasota Hill, in the place of former suburban centre. It was called the Main Square when the Podgórze was independent city, that was until 1915. Market plate has a shape of triangle. Near Podgórski Market Square there is famous St. Joseph’s Parish Church and Achitecture and Urban Planning Department of Municipality of Krakow in former town hall. Recently Podgórski Market Square has been thorough renovated.
  • Kładka Ojca Bernatka/ Father Bernatek’s Footbridge – pedestrian and cycling footbridge on the Vistula River in Krakow joining Kazimierz with Podgórze, built in 2010 in the place of former Podgórski bridge. The footbirdge was designed by prof. Andrzej Getter’s Authors' Design and Plastic Workshop. It has a form of a steel arch spanned between the existing bridge abutments Podgórski bridge, to which are attached two bridges (one for pedestrians and one for cyclists) . The creation of footbridge contributed to the cultural, social and tourist revival of streets leading to it on both sides of the river and the adjacent part of the Vistula’s boulevards. It is becoming a place for lovers. On the barrier of the bridge there are hundreds of padlocks with inscribed and even engraved on them names, initials, words of love, dates. Couples in love hang a padlock on the bridge, snap it, then throw the key into the Vistula River as a sign that their feelings remain unbreakable for the end of their lifes.
  • „CRICOTEKA” – existing since 1980 Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor, on the beginning acting as a Centre of Theatre Cricot 2 was formed by the initiative of the same artist. In October 2005 there was a proposal to create a new seat for the institution in the former Podgórze Power Station at Nadwiślańska Street in Krakow. It was planned to adapt the historic buildings of the former power station for the needs of the Centre and create integrated with them, modern building for the new seat of Cricoteka. The concepts were selected in an international architectural competition in 2006. The ceremonial opening of the new seat of Cricoteka took place on 12th September 2014.
  • Wzgórze Lasoty (Góra św. Benedykta)/ Lasota Hill (St. Benedict Mount) – one of the limestone hills from group of Krzemionki Podgórskie hills. The name of the hill comes from the Old Slavic name Lasota. In the X or XI century romanesque rotunda combined with palatium was built on the hill. On its foundations in the XII century it was built a small church named St. Benedict. In the years 1853-1856 near the church there was built Fort 31 " Benedict ", which is an element of the Austrian Fortress Krakow. On the south - eastern slope of the hill there is the Old Podgórski Cemetery founded in the XVIII century. During the World War II a border of cracovian ghetto ran along the northern slope of the hill. Currently celebration of Podgórze festivity and traditional “Rękawka” celebrations take place on the hill each year. In 2007 Silva Rerum mural depicting the history of Krakow was painted on the retaining wall of Lasota Hill stretching along al. Powstańców Śląskich.
  • Plac Bohaterów Getta in Krakow (former Plac Zgody)/ – square in Podgórze district of Krakow, in 1941-1943 located at the area of ghetto. Then assembly place of the Jewish population before being transported to concentration camps. There is “Apteka Pod Orłem” (The Eagle Pharmacy) where Tadeusz Pankiewicz, the only non-Jewish resident of the ghetto, used to work.

Leaving a car at „Car Park Old Podgórze” we can come to the most important places of the right bank district of Krakow by walk.

Within a few minutes there are KS Korona pool, Podgórski Market Square, Lasota Hill and Piłsudksi’s bridge, which provides us to former Jewish Kazimierz district. Immediate next to the car park there are Kalwaryjska Street, the biggest trade route of Podgórze. It is worth to park on the „Car Park Old Podgórze” when you are going to Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Municipality of Krakow, which is located near Podgórski Market Square.

The car park is also situated close to tram and bus stops, which ensures efficient moving around the city by means of public transport, even to the furthest places in Krakow.