Car Park near Museum - It's more Convenient

"Car Park near Museum"

Municipal Infrastructure Company is the operator of the municipal "Car Park near Museum” (“Parking przy Muzeum”). Underground object is located nearby the close city centre, in the immediate vicinity of the National Museum in Krakow.

The car park ensures drivers, who left their cars:

  • • 150 roofed parking places protecting from negative impact of weather conditions
  • • 5 parking places for disabled
  • • 1 parking place for families with children
  • • 4 exits/entrances
  • • a lift adapted for disabled’s needs
  • • women’s and men’s toilets
  • • toilet adapted for disabled
  • • acceptance of credit cards
  • • vision monitoring
  • • parking staff help
  • • nice and profesional service 24 hours a day 7 days a week

See our car park and its location:

Parking for first half-hour at the Car Park near Museum costs only 1,50 zł, and the fee for 24-hour parking is only 25,00 zł. Complete price list reads as follows:

parking time price
The first half-hour 1,50 zł
The first hour 3,00 zł
Every successive hour 3,00 zł
Twenty-four-hour subscription
(in effect for next 24 hours since the day of purchase)
25,00 zł
Weekly subscription
(valid for 7 days since the day of purchase)
125,00 zł
Monthly subscription
(valid for 30 days since the day of purchase)
250,00 zł


  • • The regulations of the car park functionality which specify the powers and responsibilities of the paid and unguarded car park’s user should be read before parking.
  • • In the case of damage or loss of the ticket, a handling fee in the amount of 30,00 złoty is added to the fee covering the vehicle’s parking time
  • • Subscription tickets are issued for a period of time specified by the type of purchased parking subscription
  • • In order to use the subscription, it is necessary to settle the fee for service before parking a vehicle
  • • The payment can be done in a parking meter situated at the car park. In order to obtain the invoice, one should inform about it the parking service.

The location of the car park near the National Museum is very attractive, as it is situated nearby the historic city centre. In the immediate vicinity of the car park there are among others:

  • Błonia Krakowskie - one of the biggest in Europe meadow in the city centre, entered into the register of monuments in 2000.
  • Jordan Park - a perfect place to go for walks and play with children, it covers the area of approximately 21,5 hectares
  • Two football stadiums - Henryk Reyman’s Municipal Stadium (Stadion Miejski im. Henryka Reymana) - (its capacity of the stands equals 33 268 spectators, the stadium fulfils the requirements of the 4th UEFA category) and Cracovia Stadium (Stadion Cracovii im. Józefa Piłsudkiego) (its capacity of the stands equals 15 114 spectators, the stadium fulfils the requirements of the 3rd UEFA category). Stadiums are the venues of the two oldest football clubs, Wisła Kraków and Cracovia.
  • Kościuszko Mound - while being at the car park, one can admire the view on one of the four Krakow mounds erected for national heroes, in commemoration of Tadeusz Kościuszko. It is situated on the St. Bronisława Hill, and one of the most beautiful panoramas of Krakow extends from the mound, with the view on the most famous objects of the Old Town, including the Wawel Castle, St. Mary’s Basilica (Bazylika Mariacka) or Sukiennice.

Leaving the car at the underground „Car Park near Museum” one can take a walk and in a few minutes get to the biggest in Europe square – the Main Square in Krakow and also to other equally attractive places of the Old City such as: St. Mary’s Basilica, Sukiennice, City Hall, Wawel Royal Castle with Wawel Cathedral and fortifications Kanonicza and Florianska Streets and many others.

The car park is also situated close to tram and bus stops, which ensures efficient moving around the city by means of public transport, even to the furthest places in Krakow.